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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Jared Mataitusi
Dear Patrick, I loved the presentation you did.I was in the audience when you preformed at Mariposa Elementary School in Redlands,California.The pictures were awesome!My favorites were the eye under the bridge in Ireland and the future Signature Project.I liked how your brother wrote a song and you put it in a code and then in a picture.What makes me wonder is "Where are you going to put The Signature Project when it's done?"Well I have to go now.Thank you.

oh my gosh. its so amazing what you have done for all of your loyal fans. You came ot my school in Medfrod, OR in 2004 and since then its given me a better look on life. It has inspired me to do great things and learn great things. Thanks again for all you do, because even though it just seems to be a small project and a silly dream of yours, its turned out to be much more. ~Emily (age 13)

Genevieve Garanin
I saw you show at the Greenfield Middle School. Your presentation, art work and creativity are amazing! I found your whole project to be emotionally involved and beautful! I am glad I could have the opportunity to be a part of this by signing. Thankyou!

miranda Risley
What you did with that picture of your dad,just touched me. That music, your brother played, reminded me of my family in Arizona and my Grandma in California. It also reminded me how glad I am to be with my family. P.S.I loved your show and the music

erin riley
I got the privledge of hearing you speak about the art, music and even some food of your culture. Having somw irish heritage I was familiar with some of this culture but learned a lot more. I iriah step dance not to be confused with river dance and greatly appreciated your beautiful music. I thought that was great how you were able to contact your brother all the way from Ireland and him be able to talk to us in our auditorium and share some great live music. I thought your art work was magnificant as well as very time consuming and pretty much a life time commitment. Your morse code portrait of your father was beautiful, clever and very high-tech. I alsoenjoyed your randition of "a motorcyclist speeding and getting pulled over by cops" on that hands free instrument. I love your cat! My grandma makes really good irish soda bread but im sure the recipe. well good luck and I hope your art work takes you far and gets finished!

emily donald
i loved the show. it is so awesome how hard and long you think about every detail. You think of all of the layers of the pictures. im from leonard lawrence and hope to see your art finished some day. your awesome.

Dear Patrick, You had a touching presentation at my school(Spring Creek Elementary).My mom got to sign the Signature Project.Thanks for coming to my school I really appreciated it. Sincerely, Hailey 11\20\04

Hunter Jakupko
Iloved your show! It was my most favorite assembley I have ever seen! It will probably stay as my favorite,too. I wish I could see it again tonight, but I have a basketball game at the same time. I will always remember it and you. -From Brielle Elementry Student, HUNTER JOSEPH JAKUPKO 10-28-04

Wendy Dubinsky
Thank you for the awe inspiring program yesterday. You held my interest and that of the children from the first moment. It was great. I hope that you continue to have success and hope to see the finished product. Wendy Dubinsky

Amanda Kong
heyyyyy patrick, im a student from White Brook Middle School, and i am writing to you because i would like you to know that i really enjoyed your presentation. I loved the music that your brother made, and i thought it worked well with your painting. I also think that your painting is an outstanding piece of art! i think its amazing that you thought of this idea and followed through with it. I really wanted to sign you work of art, but my teacher didnt pick me, oh well. well another thing that i really enjoyed was that istrument that you brought in, and pretended that you were driving a motorcycle. well i hope you get this email, and if so, then please email me back, thanks for coming in, and i hope to here from you!!

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