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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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James Higgins
Your father would have been very proud.

Hey Patrick! My name is Tia and you cane to my school about 2 weeks ago,Hopkinton Middle School. I loved your presentation and I love your artwork. I have a strong belife that you will finish by your "deadline". What you are doing is great and I think that it is great that you have different people of different nationalities sign you project. Putting hidden things in it is a wonderfull idea. I can not wait until you finish you picture and i can see the finished version. Sincerely, Tia

David Lee,from Hilldale School,a student,3rd grade
I really enjoy your project and your music. Wow,I can't believe you are making a project with names, its incredible. I can't wait till I get my name signed on the project. I really loved your show. I just totally loved it. I also liked it when you put the ultra violet light over the picture and we saw your body. It was very interesting that you made the eye and put it over the bridge and made a really big eye. Thank you for coming to our school. I wish you good luck for the project. Bye

Kelly Horan
Wow.. this is truly a wonderful idea. i'd like to spend a day in your brain and see the thought processes that go on.. i bet they are something that can not be learned in a lifetime... well done.. u rock

Sadie Schweppe
Hi Patrick, the show was AMAZING though I wish I could have signed the square. The effects were cool and what you've been doing would be hard too. Well I hope to see you sometime but rite now i have to go so good-bye.

hey patrick! you were at my schoola to day(10/8/14) in kansas at the St Joeseph school. I had alot of fun, and i think what you are doing is an AMAZING project! Im glad you could think of something and acclomplish it. It was really fun and neat to watch. I think that the music and the picture of your dad is fabulous. I really like it. Well thanks you for sharing the "Way of Life" hope to see you soon {Adreanne Orlanes}

Janie Thompson
Hi Patrick, I go to Nativity Parish School,and I lloovveedd all your projects!What you did to the bridge was so amazing!I also loved how you hid things with special paint!What you did to your fathers portrate was also very cool.I love big art projects as well!I hope your project goes well! L O V E, Janie Thompson

Esther Nelson
Hi Patrick, I think the show you did today was magnificent!! that must have taken you at least a year to plan just the show!! also the whole project thing was soo wonderfull!! its a awesome thing that your doing!! Good luck!! God bless!!

Madison Robins
Dear Patrick Hi I am a girl from Helmers and I wanted to tell you that you are a good person and drawer. Sincerly, Madison.

Bob Baskette
Patrick, I attended the MPI luncheon and was so excited to hear and see your project. And, especially happy to have become a part of it. I admire your patience in watching it come to life. It becomes something new every time someone signs it. Odd as it seems I kept thinking Patrick needs to keep healthy and not take un-necessary risks so he can see the end result in 10 more years. So keep drinking Guiness and eating that soup your Mom makes. I am looking forward to hearing, seeing, tasting and feeling the completed masterpiece. Thank you for such a great contribution.

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