The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Kathie Stewart
This is one of the absolute programs we have had at our school. An amazing program that cuts across every subject area curriculum! Thank you for coming.

Thank you for coming to Mo valley. I enjoyed the assembly. olivia grade 3

laura ramm
im from holy trinity school in lenexa and (im sorry to say) i thought it would be boring (but you would under stand cuz one time we had ronald mcdonald come and it was so annoying) but you proved me wrong Laura Ramm age 12 holy trinty school in lenxa 6th grader bye bye!! P.S. im part irish my grand mother came from ireland but she a little crazy sometimes.

wow that was an awesome presentation u were just at my school(holy trinity lenexa kansas)i would have loved to sign the board but even knowing someone that is signing the board is sosoooosooosooo cool. you have to have a true talent to think this all up i cant wait 12 years but i have a few qestions did u really call your brother at the presintation ? and how do you select your schools and the people that sign it ? i think this is a truely great project u are a realy good artist i admire u and your work good luck a good friend caitlin 414

jennifer Wainscott
hey, this a girl from st. joseph, i really enjoyed ur artwork! i would never have the paitents to do ur paints. like the eye, u worked on it for a whole year and got 8 mins. of pleasure! i turly am amazed! thank again for comin to our school, jennifer

I saw your show, it was lovely. I'm always facinated by art. Your way of thinking is very unike. How you saw art in music, in technology,in writing, and in your cat. Inspiration can be from anything, from a speck to the universe. And your brother, Brian Dunning, I fell in love with the music. It's flowing, like a river. It's wonderful. The Signature Project, it was very abstract. I was also willing to participate, but it wasn't possible. Continue your work! 11-12-03

kelly lynn
I have Mrs. Clark as a teacher at Ellis. Thank you for this website. Your performance was wonderful. In all my 6 years of life, that was one of the best I saw!

Hillary Dzialowski
Dear Patrick, it's me again! I was just wondering where I could get some of the music you played at my school. If It's of convineience to you, could you possibly tell me where. Thanks, Hillary Dzialowski

Jeffrey Chen
Dear Patrick, You presentation was amazing,i really enjoy it,thank you very much for having a great presentation! Jeffrey Chen from The Kiski School in PA

I hope it turns out right. I can't wait and see it when it is half way finished and whole. It was sooooooooooooooo COOL. Shelby

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