The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hannah and Tate
Hey! we have met patrick, he came to our school today. it is really cool. we love irish music! Tate, or me, is part irish so it's cooler for me. the painting seems interesting...2 people from my class, larry and rachel, got to sign it. i signed it last year. i liked seeing some people who signed it on the screen. keep up the great work!

patrick, this is the coolest thing i have ever heard of!! i think it's gonna look great. my friends think your the bomb! i wish i could do something this cool, by the way i go to emerson elemantary. you were there last week or something like that. your art is going to look BEAUTIFUL! you inspire me a lot patrick........ thanx sammy

alyssa napoli
hello patrick dunning, this is alyssa napoli u have come to my school if u remember Santa Clarita Elementry. ya. u have really inspired my whole family u are very smart and artistic u make everyones day brighten just by making a beautiful signature project. thanx i relly loved your performance alyssa napoi 11 years old santa clarita elementry please e-mail me back thanx

Mrs Young's class
you're cool I think the signature project is really neat you play guitar really well my ancestors are from Ireland your show is awesome say hi to your brother I like the music you have really cool special effects we love your cat the bread looks good I think that the signature project will be really sweet you are really smart dude?????????

great job Patrick.I love it. I'm glad I could sign it.

pihc gnail
YOUR PROJECT IS SO COOL!!!! there was an assembly at my sister's school, and she couldn't stop talking about you and you presentation!!!

Kevin Shih
Hi I am Kevin Shih. I want to tell you that the pictures and music you showed us at HIlldale School was very interesting. I think you are a very skilled and talented person, I hope to be as skilled as you are in archetecture. You inspired me and I thank you for that.

Julianna Carbone
You visited my school, Hopkinton Middle School and I just wanted to say thank you for coming! Your presentation was incredible and one that I will not forget. Good Luck with your project, I know it will turn out great!

Hello. I just saw you today, at Hopkinton Middle School. Great, funny, incredible performance, and I hope to see that mural in 2012!! Your brother's phone number is now in my possesion, however.

thankyou for coming to our school.[White Brooke Middle School} i had soooooo much fun with you.

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