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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hi. I am from Culver Elem. and i thought your show was so cool. I am 12 years old now and you said in 12 years it will be finished so i will be 24 and i going to see the picture when it is finished. Loved your show bye.

Rachel Kratchman
I really like your website and I liked your show at my school, I hope you come again to S.S.D.S. It was nice meeting you!! Love, Rachel P.S. please write back.Bye for now. I'll be waiting for your message. From Rachel

Im culver elm. school you came to our school on the date of 11/5/04 Ithink your show was the coolest show ever I would give you a hug if I could I also love the way you put over 3,000 peoples names that died in the twin towers on September 11 2001 your friend Abbey Lewis

Hey! I really enjoyed the presentation you did today at Culver Elementary School! That is the neatest thing that we have ever seen. Well I hope you will get to come back soon. But next year I will be in the middle school so maybe you can come there. ok bye Sincerily, Paige

Josh Catt
I go to West Central and i loved the part when you did the motorcycle and the cop!!!!!! Im in 9th garde.

marisa martorana
Thanks for the reicipe!Its great! write back!and did you get the other letter I wrote you?

Jay Patel
Hi, you don't know me but i was one of the students At Rutgers Preparatory school. I just wanted to say that your project is really cool and it is very inspiring. It is so nice that you are gonna do this and how u used tec. to enhance your painting. It was disapointed that i did not get to sign it, but i ws a so exciting jsut seeing it. I would recommend everyone to see it cause your story is very inspiring

Varun Arvind
Hi Pat my name is Varun Arvind i'm in the 5th grade at Rutgers Perparatory School. You showed us the signature project at school today.Today is October 27 20004.I was very impsressed by your work! Please feel free to e-mail me about you project progress or anything else. And just want to say thank you far showing us the Signature Project. Your Freind, Varun Arvind

Jamie Dolan
Thanks alot for coming to our school. It was really nice that you let us sign the signature projsct. I was just wondering is there was anyway i could zoom in on my name on your website. Thanks again, your presentation was awesome! Jamie DOlan

Fae R.
Today was 10/21/04 and you came to my school and I loved your presentation!

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