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Mackenzie Schulte
Thank you!!!!!!! I'm a student from Cure'of Ars and thtank you again for the presentation. Question can my name be on the signature project? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can thtank you. And have a nice time in Ierland. I live in Kansas so if you get a chance please come through Kansas, its cool and a very beautiful state.

Hello! I'm an 8th grader at Cure' of Ars school in Kansas City. I think your masterpeice is amazing! I don't think I would ever have the patience to finish something like that.(especially if it took 24 years to make!) It is really cool with all the hidden artwork inside the peice itself, like your dad, the music, and that crazy "no hands" instrument! Thank you for taking the time to show us, the students of Cure', the world through a different point of veiw. -Haley PS- Were we really "Live" from Ireland?

hey wuts up i love the beatles !!!!!!!! ur art waz awsome i liked the fact you dare to be diffrent i exspress my induvualty by how i dress rock on!!!!!!! Some times people look at me weird because i dress with spike studs and some times balck but i think its better to stand out than to be just another facee in the crowdd be a blue face in the crowd thanks for letting me have the chance to voice my opion.

Rik Smoody
After Kirben's review of Patrick's preview, Barbara decided to skip staff meeting so we all could watch Patrick's multimedia show in the Laurelhurst gym with Wilven's class this morning. Kirben's review of the show it self is quite enthusiastic. With the slightest prompting ("So what do you think?") he included: ------- there was information in many ways. A million peoples' signatures. The pixels making a big picture the UV overlay the X ray pictures of Patrick's father, guitar Irish soda bread recipe coded Irish music on the staffs morse code messages He liked the UV overlay of Patrick's image with the heart corresponding to the heart of the sun ------- I was impressed that K-3 kids sat in rapt attention for somewhat over an hour... It's not everyone who can summon up an Irish musician brother who plays flute over the phone. Patrick did a great job. There were no significant flaws in the show. I am glad we shared our gym with him. And I'm glad that he graciousl

Kimberly Maloney
Hey Patrick,I was at your show in St.Joseph shcool I loved the project I hope my mom will let me get the cd when it is out. from Kimberly Maloney ps.I hope you like this.

Rebecca R. 3c
I loved your show! Can I sign your picture that you showed us or can you sign it for me? From, Rebecca R.

Liza Rizzo
Patrick, I am a student of Valley School of Ligioner. I really enjoyed you show, it was incerdable! I would love it if you could sighn my name on your project! I would feel so dedicated! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, and I feel like you've brought it to me! I hope to see your show again in the future! I loved it! Liza Rizzo

Olivia Cochran
dear Mr.Dunning I loved your performance at the Ellis School.I love how you put little things in the picure Olivia Cochran

Tracey Baran
Hello! I am from The Ellis School! I loved your presentation! It was amazing! I thought it was a coincidence that you are from Ireland, and my aunt is currently living in Ireland, and soon to be married! I found your work very inspiring and wonderful!

Dima Kharma
You are gifted and talented when I saw you up there you were amazing I was so surprised how you did those stuff up there. I think you were gifted from God because you were awsome! I wish I was you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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