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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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grace little
I love your asembly.My school is St.Joes.The assembly made me feel happy espeically the music.Thank you very much for coming. Love, Grace

Trevor Baldwin
Hi, I go to Sawyer Woods Elementary which you visited on 12/3/04 in Black Diamond,WA.I really loved your presentation.Please e-mail us back your schedule so I can see you again with my family. Thanks, Trevor

I enjoyed your presentation at Sawyer Woods.

Emma levine from Sawyer Woods
I saw you at Sawer Woods I am a 5th grader and I was tuched by the art and music. I my self do Iris dancing so it was hard for me to sit still when you put on the music. I hope to see the finished product in 2012.

Danielle Rockman
Dear Patrick, i really enjoyed when you came to soloman schechter day school in west orange i really had a great time you were amazing! -Dnielle Rockman:)

i thought your program was great! It was one of the best programs at my school. I liked the part with the bridge and the curtain .

Gordon Good
that bread looked good I could not find the ricipe on the site could you send me the ricipe my email is

Irene Grandeza
Hi Patrick! I really enjoyed your presentation today at Union County Vocational Technical High School! Hope to see you again soon.

Patricia Nolan
Yoooo! I just had to say it! All of Brielle just loved your show. Thank you from the entire staff and PTO. Hope to see you again one day:)

I saw your show on October 28,2004. Will you ever do it again in Brielle?

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