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Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Hilary Tryon
hi your show was asume is wish i could have signed your going to be famuse when it is done you should be famuse know O ya thanks for the soda bread recipe it sound really good guess what i am irish 2 i think irish is cool i really like leprecons 2 Hilary Tryon White Brook Middle School 8th Grade p.s. a suggestion you should have had 8th graders sign it then if you had time other kids could have signed it Thanks for coming

Julie Vanasse
Hey Patrick, I saw your show(10-18-04)at White Brook Middle School. I love your bros music and your show!!! Hope you can come again!!!!

ryan lamontagne
hey i like your presentation here at whitebrook middle school and i'm glad that i was able to sign. p.s. write me aletter please

Andy Talenda
Hey Patrick, I saw your show at White Brook.It was kinda cool!!! Fast food? What a life! HaHa!Anyway I thought it was very cool!!!

Marissa Starbuck
hi, I am Marissa. I am in fourth grade. I loved your show. Tell your brother that his music is great.

Lindsay Vanderwerken
We realy loved your show.THANK YOU

David De Los Santos
I think your project is very intriqute and it looks great and I like how you did the picture of your father was great I bet even in death your father is extremly proud of you and your brother

Jordan Bald
Today is 10/12/04. You gave an assembly to our school Leonard Lawrence elementary. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Jordan

R. Knox
Yooooooooooooooo! (Ha Ha) I absolutely loved your presentation at St. Joseph school, in Kansas City. I am a student here, and wanted to know if you could add my signature to your remarkable project. My name is Rachel D. Knox. A seventh grader . I love painting myself, just the challenge, and life it brings to me. That was very nice of you to include your niece and your father in your project.Uugh! I dont know how to categorize your project! It is wonderful , especially the hidden moral behind it. Life. Please let me know when you are finished with the project. Of course, I might even be married by then!! I would like to know where it will be displayed, so I can visit it sometime. If you want, you don't have to sign my name. But, please, at least sign my family's name. The Knoxes. Thank you soooo much! Sincerely, Rachel Knox P.S. I love the Irish Soda Bread!

John Klamoth
Thank you for your website I really enjoyed it.Thank you for coming to Ellis elementary.

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