The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Patricia A. Norris
Brilliant! This piece will speak to the hearts of millions and will go down in history. What a wonderful blend of technology and art, with generous dollops of passion and love this piece will be. This is ART! It speaks volumes beyond some of the drivel that is posted in museums and priced beyond its worth. Thank you for sharing this with us, for creating this piece, and for being brilliant enough to blend all of the elements into such an amazing presentation. You are an artist, in so many fields! Performance, paint, and thought...

Samantha Sinko
Dear Mr.Dunning, You came to Eastmont Junior High in East Wenatchee, Washington. I am a 9th grade student at that school. I would like to say that I enjoyed your assembly so much. It touched me like I wouldn't have thought possible. I just want to thank you and I would like to say that I think what you are doing is so amazing. Thank You! Sincerely, Samantha Sinko

Denise Einzig
Mr. Dunning, your imagination, talent and energy are examples to all of us who have yet to open our minds to all the possibilities and directions the universe has to offer us. The EXPERIENCE of your passionate presentation will always remain with me...the courage to bear your emotions and brilliant mind to an auditorium of fellow humans in such a creative way is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your love of family, wild ideas, and talent with us. I wish you good health, lots of signatures and a life full of beautiful sunrises!

Ms. Calixto's 3rd grade class from Clyde Hill
Yo Patrick, We really enjoyed your show/visit. We think you rock this world! You have inspired us to follow our dreams and achieve our goals in life. You are a very amazing person! Yah!!! From Ms. Calixto, Ellen, Ryan, Braedon, Kaveh, Tate, Rachael K., Alec, Rachel W., Shahab, Nomin, Giovanna, Steven, Sophie, Yash, Mihai, Carly, A.J., Tennyson, Andrea, Amanda, and Paisley. Thank you so much for showing us how powerful and perious life can be!

Ari Parker
Patrick..Absolutely brilliant!!! You came to Bradley Elementary School and absolutely mesmerized and inspired everyone who came to see your performances. Your art touched the hearts of everyone from the 5-year-old kindergarteners to the most cynical adults. My students, 5th-6th graders, were so inspired they've planned to work on their own projects that blend technology, art, music. Your work may be the only performance art that some of our students may see in their lives...they were lucky enough to see something brilliantly personal and inspiring. My niece and nephew saw your performance at Aptos High School and they as well as their friends were blown away! The Signature Project transcends the generation gap. Thanks for sharing your art with the Pajaro Valley Unified School District!

Sofia Revolorio
I saw your presentation today and was completely blown away. Im a junior at tyrone, and i got the chance to stay after to talk to you and watch my best friend play your guitar with you. your idea has been amazing, and your passion is quite incredible. Good luck completing your project. Let me just say that I HATE ASSEMBLIES and was dreading it since 1st period. I have to say, it completely made my day. Great job. :]

Jason Hackett
Hello, I was so lucky to get to see your presentation at Warren Hills High and I was so... I can't even put the amount of beauty and Astonishment I saw, felt, and heard into words! I just wish I got the chance to sign my signature on your wonderful Project. Your art shows so much more then just art and music... Its about life, memories, peace, dreams, everything... it's amazing. I want to thank you for this little moment of my life that felt so big that I know will be within me forever... I'll always be wishing the best for this project! I know you will finish it and when you do I hope I'll get to see it.

Val Camper
all that I can say is WOW!!! Patrick is an amazing man. What total talent, the thought of being inside of his mind just for a minute is unspeakable. What a totally wonderful experience on all levels! Thank you to our PTO for finding this wonderful experience and thank you to Patrick Dunning for being so amazing.

Lori Lane
I can't remember the last time I have been without at least one word. I can't come up with one single word to describe how I felt when I stood in the back of the auditorium and watched you AND watched the elementary students in awe of you and your art! You are unbelievable! My kids were sitting at breakfast this morning trying to tell their favorite part of your assembly and my daughter, a first grader said, "the whole show was my favorite!" I'll have to agree! Thank you for your life! Thank your mom for me!

Larry Walls
Patrick, You exemplify uniqueness, and a passion for life, that I’m sure is rarely matched. What you have already achieved and continue to create blow me away. I have been teaching for 11 years, and have taught every grade from 2nd to 6th, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen every single student be so enthusiastic and impressed about an assembly. You’re affecting all ages with your special gifts. Thank you for giving me the honor of signing your remarkable mural. Best of luck to you, and thank you once again for sharing such a wonderful experience with us at Fairview Elementary in Bellevue, Nebraska. God bless you as you continue your journey, Larry Walls 12/2/05

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