The Signature Project
Exploring the human spirit through art, music and technology.

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Marian Breslin
My 3 sons and I had very full hearts after experiencing your show. It was especially enriching to the eldest, who has broad interests in art, music, and literature but "hates" technology. He's been persuaded by your masterful example of the integration of these elements, as well as deeply encouraged that life as an artist is feasible. Bravo!

susan barthel
saw your presentation at the oregon watershed enhancment board conference in ashland oregon- it was a treat of the highest order- inspiring, suprising, moving, ingenious,and best of all- provoking on many levels simultaneously. Thanks for showing that a creative life- through images, music, homage, technology and the simple gesture of asking and giving -is possible

Jessina McEntire
Patrick, I just returned from seeing your presentation and would just like to say "thank-you!" You truly are inspiring. The thought and emotion you have put into your work not only influences those you meet, but also inspires them. I look forward to seeing your project when it is completed, I will forever be touched by your insight into human emotion through phenomenal artwork. Thank you again for an amazing presentation! Jessina McEntire 7th Grade Teacher William Thomas Middle School American Falls, Idaho

Alexandra Crossett
Her Patrick! Hi, I am a student at the Magnet High School, you just made a presentation at our campus on October 29, 2004. I would just like to say how moved I was by this project. It is so inventive, the ideas and concepts built into this giant mural of life are so amazing and hold so much importance. I felt really moved by the whole presentation. The music was great, when you called your brother all the way in ireland it honestly moved me; I felt so connected to something so great and far away. There is just too much of this project to praise, the whole thing is great. I've told many of my friends about it already, but parts of it you just can't describe unless you have seen it. I hope they get the chance to see your work and feel for it as I did. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Good luck in everything and thanks again, Alex

Marci Grabelle
Patrick, Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with all of us in Brielle. What a wonderful venue to share your travels, love of life, people, friends, family, nature and one can't forget the wonderful treasures Ireland has to offer. Thank you for making me a part of The Signature Project. I will never forget this wonderful tribute you have created for all of us to enjoy! Cheers to you! Marci Grabelle, Vice Principal Brielle Elementary School 10/28/04

T. Chan jr
When you came to my schoool, (Hopkinton Middle School,Hopkinton,MA), I took a lot of things for granted. After seeing your show, I learned to appreciate life more. I admire your briliance with art,and how you could turn Morse code and signatures, as well as music, into art. I am in Ms. Hickey's 6th grade Social Studies class.

Drew Litavis
The presentation was amazing. As a middle school student, assembly's often are extremly boring. Your performance was the best school assembly I've seen in my life. You came to my school on 10-21-2004. You have such talent, and I've never seen someone more creative. It was the coolest thing I've ever seen, and I hope I can sign that big poster one day... thanks for the AWSEME experience.

Brian Bell
the show all out impressed me! a journey of art music life and and back again! it was all out brillaint. entertainment beyond belief how can I sign one of those pictures tues. oct. 19th 2004

Nichole Wonderling
I saw your show last Friday while volunteering at Moshannon Valley Elementary School. I was thoroughly amazed and enjoyed your performance completely! The best part was hearing my six year old son try to describe what he saw to his dad later that evening. Usually, we parents are totally in the dark when our kids come home and tell us a story like this - it was so nice to actually know what he was talking about and so funny to see his dad totally confused about the "red heart that flies out of the screen," and the "motorcycle ride where the police caught us." I am so happy that I was there on the day of your visit and was able to sign this remarkable work. Best wishes to you and thank you for sharing your talents!

Your project was very moving. I'm sure it gave the students something to think about. As a teacher I strive to teach the students about differences and tolerance. I too have lived in various places around the world and try to appreciate the cultures and new people I've met. I was really impressed with your message.

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