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 This was by far one of the most unique exhibits I saw at Art Prize. I walked away feeling completely mind blown at how one person can put together such a complex, layered project, and see how it all forms one cohesive work. 
Nicole Bookhout
September, 2023
 Hi Patrick! I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing experience. I enjoyed meeting you today at Laura Donovan School in Freehold, NJ. You are truly an inspiration and are exactly what this world needs right now. I love the uniqueness about this project. It’s so creative and I love how you include your personal life stories and the stories of those who have been part of this project. It’s so incredible!
Sincerely, Toni Field 11/16/23 
Toni Field
November, 2023
 This show was by far the best I have seen as an assembly in school. I have been a teacher for 33 years and the student engagement and awe were palpable. It is incredible how Mr. Dunning incorporates STEAM beyond your wildest dreams. Not only does he show how science, technology, engineering, art, and math are interconnected, his message illustrates how we are all interconnected through the most creative layered art installation imaginable. 
Maureen Gordon
December, 2023
 This show was amazing I’m a student at Bay High School and i enjoyed this so much i learned so much and the beauty of art and the beauty of human nature and the journey of life can i please be a signature on this beautiful art work this would mean so much to me thank you 
Akilah Christian
April, 2024
 This show was exhilarating! I was on the edge of my seat! I loved the animations and the idea of the project really encapsulates human nature and journey of life! Never in my 14 years of living have I seen an assembly that I liked this much! Can I please have a place on your project? Thank you! 
Anna Sweet
April, 2024
 This show was exhilarating! I was on the edge of my seat! I loved the animations and the idea of the project really encapsulates human nature and journey of life! Never in my 14 years of living have I seen an assembly that I liked this much! Can I please have a place on your project? Thank you! 
Anna Sweet
April, 2024
 Im a student and you came to my school. I was so interested, you are so talented!! I’ve never seen an assembly like that, i loved it! 
Kiarita .
April, 2024
 He came to my school for an assembly and I was forever changed. The fact that everything had a meaning and purpose was beautiful and captured the overall meaning of what life is. This man is a work of art himself. 
Kheyla Perez
April, 2024
 I was in a dream after your show. It seemed like the whole world was opening before me. I laughed and cried.

Music! Art! Love! Life! This was a breath of fresh air . Sincere thanks for taking us on this voyage of imagination 
January, 2022
 Bravo! What a wonderful way to celebrate the many cultures of our World...and Life! Thank you! 
Rob Driscoll
July, 2021
 What a beautiful tapestry of life and the human spirit. Truly one of the most remarkable works of modern art I have witnessed 
Keely Johnson
November, 2015
 Thanks for showing us how to think outside the box with no limitations to creativity 
Justin Albright
April, 2017
 This is the most insane, creative and heartwarming presentation I have ever seen. It was stunning! Thank you for coming to Bel Aire in San Francisco 
Hannah L
November, 2021
 The program was an out-of-the-box marvel! Mr. Dunning is a brilliant talent and his production was beyond outstanding. This should be a permanent exhibit at MoMA, NYC 
Barbara Ciambra
November, 2019
 I have no words to describe the impact of art, words, music, majesty, and more woven into a dynamic, emotional, and exemplary event. THIS MUST BE EXPERIENCED! Your life will be exponentially improved 
Heidi Ross
March, 2019
 Witnessed your show today in Carlstad, New Jersey. I was amazed! You sir, are a genius. Can't wait to see further projects from you 
Kathy Beese
November, 2018
 I was literally moved to tears by this performance. You truly are an inspiration and an absolute pleasure to have met. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your work. As an artist and art teacher, I will cherish this experience 
Joellyn Tuohy
May, 2018
 This piece of art is the embodiment of life. You are truly insightful 
Cinn Smith
October, 2005
 I feel very privileged to have been a part of your project this week. The emotional high I left with was almost overwhelming 
Dr. Rice
October, 2005
 Patrick you recently visited Huntersville, NC. What an awesome show!! Your project is spectacular! You show how everything is connected in this big wide world. Thank you for sharing this with us and allowing me to be apart of it 
Jeanne Bryne
October, 2005
 You are truly doing something good, something that matters, and something for which you should be commended. I am honored to have been able to sign your picture and to be a small part of your genius. You have truly impacted me. Thank you so much 
Denise Rosser
February, 2005
 Some things in life you encounter and you realize at that moment that they will live in your memory forever. Thank you, Patrick 
Jen Clark
October, 2005
 I had the wonderful opportunity to witness The Signature Project this morning. This project spoke to me and I found myself thinking about both how each human being is unique, and at the same time one with each other and the universe 
Carole Breck
December, 2002
 I am an Elementary special education teacher and had the opportunity to bring my students to your presentation on May 13th in Lititz, PA. Many of my students struggle with sitting still and focusing and often need reminders to remain seated and quiet during assemblies. I would blown away at your ability to capture the attention of all of my students and keeping it for over 50 minutes. Not one of my students had to be reminded to sit still or to pay attention, because they were engaged the entire time. I have NEVER, in all my year of teaching, sat through an entire assembly and was completely relaxed, without a worry of a student being disruptive. There is not a doubt in my mind that your presentation will be one of their favorite memories from Elementary School. I also wanted to expressed my gratitude for the reminder that life is so precious and beautiful. I have never seen art "come to life" as much as I did during your presentation, you truly have a gift!! You are so talented!!! 
abby stauffer
May, 2022
 The presentation connected with students and staff members in a positive yet emotional manner. Mr. Dunning is professional, gifted, & kind. He truly captured the spirit of our entire school. It was a reminder that life is precious and fragile, as well as a beautiful gift to be shared with others. 
Albert Bohrer
April, 2022